MAC Well Dressed BlushReal Techniques Brush
Real Techniques Brush
Real Techniques Brush
Real Techniques Brush
This is definitely the biggest brush I own, and that I think I ever will own as well as the softest brush I will ever own! It's a very dense brush which means that it allows an even distribution of product without caking it on! The brush has a lightweight, aluminium handle, which makes it super easy to use and hold. The bristles are made from synthetic taklon and are 100% cruelty free.

I find it hard to talk about a brush to be honest. It's a soft brush which makes it enjoyable to use. It's dense which makes it perfect for powder because it spreads the powder out all over rather than cake a big bit on your nose! Plus, it's around the £10-13 mark depending where you buy it, but compare that with NARS and MAC and it's a right bargain!

It's crazy that we've spent so long spending so much money on brushes from brands like NARS, MAC and Japonesque - I know it's nice to have such lovely brushes in our collection, and believe me if I could afford it, I would but it's great that brushes of high quality are now in the affordable range for all. I can't thank Samantha Chapman enough for creating these brushes and I hope she continues to expand her range!

Available from Boots, Amazon & other online retailers!