I have been using Benefit's Hoola bronzer for the longest time now and I thought it's probably about time I give in to the pressure of being a blogger and try out the most hyped bronzer in the bloggersphere - NARS Laguna, £26. I actually bought mine via ASOS because of student discount and free delivery. 

In the pan, it actually looks pretty scary! However, it doesn't come off as dark as that on the skin, thankfully. It's a really beautiful shade that doesn't come off orange at all, even when you have packed it on a little bit too heavily. It's the perfect shade for the ultimate versatile bronzer - it's the perfect shade for contouring as well as adding a natural sunkissed glow to your face, due to the very subtle shimmer. This blends so easily and looks so natural. I absolutely love the packing, even though it does attract every piece of makeup dust and fingerprint, it's just so sleek and basic. I really like that it's quite big too - which sounds odd but some bronzers can be really hard to swirl your brush in which can make it harder to get an even application.