Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99
When Real Techniques first launched, I, just like most other people, went and bought the Core Collection set which included the Buffing Brush. The whole range is actually pretty multi-purpose but I used the Buffing Brush for my foundation every day. I picked up the Expert Face Brush because I wanted to try out some more brushes from the range and I wanted to see how it compared because the Buffing Brush cannot be purchased individually which can put some people off if they don't want the other brushes from the Core Collection set. 

The brush has a lightweight, aluminium handle, which makes it super easy to use and hold. The head of the brush is made from synthetic taklon, making the brush 100% cruelty free - always a plus. The bristles are incredibly soft and gentle. The brush is quite dense, not as dense as the ELF Studio Powder brush but more so than the Buffing Brush. I prefer the Expert Face Brush to the Buffing Brush because it is a little more dense which allows a slightly more fuller coverage and a quicker application. I do find that I have to wash this brush a little more regularly than my other brushes because it does tend to hold a lot of product after use, which can be quite annoying - especially when travelling.