available from Debenhams, House of Fraser, Chanel & Boots
I have been after this lipstick for quite some time now, after I was given a sample lip palette from Chanel with 6 lip shades in. I really liked how the colour was obviously a lipstick and obviously pink, without being in your-face! I have enough nude lipsticks and I just wanted something a little bit more fun! Chanel lipsticks are pricey, £24, but I picked this up in Duty Free so it hurt a little less and it wasn't an impulse buy so I treated myself. 

I've been wearing it quite a lot - out clubbing, to work and shopping so it's something I find quite versatile. It's a really lovely creamy formula, that really does just glide on. The pigmentation, for a sheer lipstick, is quite impressive! Another bonus is that it fades really lovely too! There's nothing worse than having patchy lips from your lipstick wearing off awkwardly - it fades evenly and because it's not an intense bright lip colour, it's quite subtle too! I also am totally in love with the packaging, but who doesn't love the signature sleek Chanel packaging? If you're considering picking up a Chanel lipstick, I'd definitely urge you to do it - they just make you feel special (ha!)