Red Cherry #213 Lashes

Can you tell I'm obsessed? Sorry, I didn't mean to spoil the whole - did I or did I not like these lashes ha! 

Back in April I thought I'd treat myself to some individual lashes and although they were lovely when they eventually come to falling out - so did my natural lashes. Obviously, I was not impressed and so I have not been back for more but it does mean the lashes I'm left with are short and it's just not working for me! I turned to strip lashes because they're super quick and easy and I can take them off and really wash my face without worrying about cluster lashes falling off! 

I've tried a range of different lashes - brands and styles and I'm starting to work out what works best for me. My favourite website for lashes is this one. This post is not sponsored. It stocks a range of lashes at super cheap prices, including Ardell and Eyelure. 

As you can see from the photos, the 213 style is one of my favourite. They add length and volume in a natural way. They aren't too heavy and they aren't too dramatic. Plus they're cheap as chips! They don't come in fancy packaging, because it's unnecessary. They also don't come with a glue - which I'm more than okay with because I always bin those little tubes of glue you get with lashes! (I use DUO if you were wondering.) I don't have a photo of me wearing these lashes for my blog but they are the lashes I typically wear in my Instagram photos!

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