The 10 Best Things About Christmas

  1. drinking champagne from breakfast to bedtime. 
  2. being allowed to eat as much food as you physically can - parsnips, turkey & roast potatoes. 
  3. watching everyone open the presents you've spent ages planning, buying and wrapping!
  4. having a whole day where you don't have any obligations like work or jobs to do!
  5. being able to eat your weight in chocolate!
  6. Christmas sales - you can now treat yourself to everything else on your wishlist that didn't make it to your stocking!
  7. it's acceptable to have an afternoon nap even though you're not a toddler anymore!
  8. christmas tv - all the specials! Eastenders, Mrs Brown's Boys and the comedians shows!
  9. christmas games! who am i? charades etc. 
  10. family. spending the day with those that you care about!
Merry Christmas! I hope you've all had a lovely day and spend it with people you love!

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