Jo Malone: Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Jo Malone is such a luxe brand and I've lusted at being able to swan into a store, or to a counter and just pick up everything I want but let's be real, that's not okay. For those of you whom have been into a Jo Malone store or to a counter, did you find it overwhelming? I did.

I don't know whether it's the abundance of fragrances that all look the same - because at least in a fragrance hall you can distinguish between all the different types. Whether it's the design of the store/counter - lines of perfectly organised and positioned fragrances that are replaced or readjusted once you've touched one. Or whether it's the general serene environment. It doesn't matter whether I'm in a boutique store, the John Lewis Oxford St counter of the Selfridges Oxford St counter, I still feel like once I'm in Jo Malone 'territory' I'm in a bubble.. However, I have managed to indulge in making a purchase - or two.

This isn't a fragrance I'd often be drawn to but I remember it's launch back in 2014 and of course it was on the front table of every counter and every assistant was insisting you smell it and I was obsessed. I did try out the whole range - the body cream as well as the candle but the smell just wasn't the same, it's hard to explain.

I really like how unique this fragrance is and how different it is compared to all of the fragrances in my collection. It's such a sophisticated fragrance but without having that overpowering, 'night-time fragrance' tag to it.

On a side note, I do adore how simplistic the bottle's from Jo Malone are.

If you did want to treat yourself to a Jo Malone I would just pop down to a counter/a boutique. The experience is something I would love to have with every purchase. Take your time and work out what fragrance is best for you - there are so many on offer!

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