Elvive Extraordinary Clay 3-Step System + Dry Shampoo

I have been a fan of the Elvive hair line for quite some time for now. I have been using the Fibrology line which helps with thickening the hair and providing volume. However, when I saw this was being released I was beyond excited. My hair has been greasy for as long as I remember, to the point where I have to wash it daily.

Makeup Storage and Collection

One of my favourite blog posts and Youtube videos to watch are makeup storage and collection videos. I love seeing how people store their makeup - no matter their collection size. Over the past year, the most popular solution has become acrylic storage drawers. There are lots of acrylic storage options available but the most affordable that I've come across is Muji.

My collection is stored using 5 2-drawer units (Muji), a 3-partition acrylic pot (Muji), a lipstick holder (eBay), a glass jar that once housed a candle as well as a wicker basket. Beware, this post is picture-heavy. 

HAUL: Space NK

Space NK is one of my favourite shops to browse in. It's always so peaceful - that might be because I normally end up going reasonably late - but it's just nice to shop in. My Space NK of choice is the one on South Molton Street, which is just behind Bond Street Station. However, the other day I got an e-mail about an offer - Spend over £60 and get £15 off! 

5 Minute Face

Everyday Makeup

There are days when I need to look put together but I'm either really short for time, or I'm just being really lazy and don't want to do my whole usual routine. This is my routine for those days..

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

I've posted about another Jo Malone fragrance before here, but I need to share my second fragrance with you. In that post I did mention that I do find Jo Malone overwhelming but this was a guided purchase after reading a ton of other bloggers opinions. I have decided that the Selfridges counter is my favourite place to browse through the range because it's not as quiet as other stores and so you don't feel like you're being stalked.

The Basics: Highlight & Illuminate

Highlighter & Illuminator

Highlighting and contouring is still such a huge thing in the beauty industry and brands are still battling it out between one another to create the perfect contour and highlight products. There are so many on the market it can be a little overwhelming so I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Highlighter & Illuminator

Highlighter is one of my favourite items of makeup. I just love how much it can lift the face and how much of a difference it can make to a makeup look. Typically, it'a used above the cheekbone, down the nose and on the brow bone. There are so many different highlights on the market, from creams such as the Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream, liquids such as Benefit's High Beam and powders such as MAC's MSF in Soft & Gentle. They really help to add a glow and dewy finish to the skin, depending on what type of highlight you use. 

There are so many different varieties on the market. You can find different shades and different 'strengths' of highlighters. Some of them are intensely pigmented like The Balm's Mary-Loumanizer or you have more subtle highlights like the MAC Soft & Gentle. My favourite currently is probably the Mary-Loumanizer because I do like a more 'full-on' heavy highlight and contour. 

Illuminators are typically a creamy/liquid product that can be used as a primer or mixed in with a base product. These are used to achieve a more glowwy look all over the skin rather than just specific areas of the face. You can also get body illuminators - these are especially beautiful on holiday when you want to enhance your tan! 

Everyday Face Updated

Everyday Makeup

my previous everyday face

Some of the products are the same to my previous post but some of the more prominent products have changed so I thought I would update it. 

I still start with my brows. Brows are still my thing - amongst my friends and colleagues, I am the 'brow girl'. I am still using the MAC Brow Pencil in Spiked. It's nice and easy and allows you to define the brow without it being too bold or fake-looking. Then I use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 to clean up around the brow area using the MAC 195 brush and then a 224 to blend it out.

Eye makeup is still the same if I'm honest. It's simple and give me the desired look I want so I'm not going to bother about changing it up yet! But as a recap - I'll use tape method. I have a post coming ip soon on this! Starting with the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and then setting that with MAC's Orb. Then I'll use Wedge in the crease as a transition colour followed by Charcoal in the outer crease to define. Sometimes I leave it matte on the lid, or I may use a shimmery shade on the lid like Woodwinked or Patina. I'm still obsessed with the L'Oreal Super Liner. It's so easy to control and it's really black, and cheap!

I've gone back to using the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. It's a gel texture which is nice for my dry skin and it really helps my foundation to apply evenly. I've also starting use the Bobbi Brown Corrector under my eyes again to get rid of the dark circles!

My current foundation obsessed is the Chanel Healthy Glow foundation. I have a whole post dedicated to it here. It's a beautiful foundation and I can't recommend it enough! Then it's onto concealer. I'm still completely in love with the Clarins Instant Concealer. I use it everyday without fail and it really makes such a difference!

Finally, I finish off with a bit of sculpting and highlighting. I'm still using my MAC Sculpting Powder in Sculpt and applying that with the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt bush! Highlighting with the MAC Soft & Gentle gives a beautiful but subtle glow on the skin that catches the light in such a flattering way!

Red Cherry #WSP

Red Cherry #WSP

I've posted about Red Cherry lashes before - they are probably my favourite brand of lashes because they are so affordable and have such a variety! I usually pick mine up from here. This is not sponsored but I have been in contact with the company since buying these and they have provided me with a discount code so you can get 10% off - use 'JESSICAX10'. It's valid for a whole year! The #WSP are the 2nd most popular lash sold my Falseeyelashes and are definitely my favourite! 

MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC lipsticks are hugely popular and I'm always drawn in by that big stand of lipsticks stacked in rows. Admittedly, I normally pick up ones I already own a few times before I'm drawn to a new one - and even then it's normally a nude shade, oops! I've recently realised I have a lip product problem - I buy way too many!