Makeup Storage and Collection

One of my favourite blog posts and Youtube videos to watch are makeup storage and collection videos. I love seeing how people store their makeup - no matter their collection size. Over the past year, the most popular solution has become acrylic storage drawers. There are lots of acrylic storage options available but the most affordable that I've come across is Muji.

My collection is stored using 5 2-drawer units (Muji), a 3-partition acrylic pot (Muji), a lipstick holder (eBay), a glass jar that once housed a candle as well as a wicker basket. Beware, this post is picture-heavy. 

I used to obsess over the Ikea Lack shelf on Pinterest. I love how simple it is but how much you can store on there without it all having to be the same. I have this between my window and chest of drawers that I use as my vanity. It fills the space nicely but doesn't look out of place in my room or take over! These are great for decor too - they look so cute with some books stacked and candles. 

I don't want to ramble to much - photos are the best way for you to explore my storage not me explaining exactly what you can see. The basket is where I store all of my skincare - micellar waters, toner, moisturisers and serums. I keep my face washes in the bathroom. I store the majority of my makeup in the drawers underneath. In the first stack I have 2 drawers that contains my current everyday products and the rest of my stash are organised into categories.

On my 'vanity' I have a large mirror that I spray-painted rose gold. I have an acrylic tissue holder (Muji) as well as a plastic bottle (Muji) which contains the Clarins Hand & Nail Cream. There's also a Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I also keep a glass jar containing all of my current makeup brushes. I do have some more in a brush belt, but I don't use them very much so they're put away.

How do you store your makeup? Do you think I could store anything differently?


  1. Your make up collection looks lovely! Everything's so organised! :) Psst, I spy a few products in your collection that I'd love to check out now :) xx

    Kayleigh |

  2. I love the way you store everything! It's so nice to get inspiration! Loved looking at all of your make-up as well!
    Charlotte //