The Basics: Highlight & Illuminate

Highlighter & Illuminator

Highlighting and contouring is still such a huge thing in the beauty industry and brands are still battling it out between one another to create the perfect contour and highlight products. There are so many on the market it can be a little overwhelming so I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Highlighter & Illuminator

Highlighter is one of my favourite items of makeup. I just love how much it can lift the face and how much of a difference it can make to a makeup look. Typically, it'a used above the cheekbone, down the nose and on the brow bone. There are so many different highlights on the market, from creams such as the Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream, liquids such as Benefit's High Beam and powders such as MAC's MSF in Soft & Gentle. They really help to add a glow and dewy finish to the skin, depending on what type of highlight you use. 

There are so many different varieties on the market. You can find different shades and different 'strengths' of highlighters. Some of them are intensely pigmented like The Balm's Mary-Loumanizer or you have more subtle highlights like the MAC Soft & Gentle. My favourite currently is probably the Mary-Loumanizer because I do like a more 'full-on' heavy highlight and contour. 

Illuminators are typically a creamy/liquid product that can be used as a primer or mixed in with a base product. These are used to achieve a more glowwy look all over the skin rather than just specific areas of the face. You can also get body illuminators - these are especially beautiful on holiday when you want to enhance your tan! 

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