Iconic by House of Lashes

I have worn false lashes for quite some time now.. My mum has worn cluster lashes for probably 10-years now and I've tried them a few times but they just don't work for me - I'm an eye-rubber! A few years back I tried individual lashes - where someone painstakingly glues hair one at a time to your lash-line! These were disastrous for me - I lost a lot of my natural lashes and was left with stubby hairs that made me regret the whole process!

I've tried a lot of lashes, from Red Cherry to Huda Beauty and I've loved some and really not been impressed by others. I've heard so much about the House of Lashes range but I've found it hard to get my hands on before now. I managed to eventually track them down on two websites - here and here.

These aren't lashes for everyone - they're very full on! These are beautiful lashes! They are heavy lashes and take a few minutes to adjust to but once that's out the way, they're comfortable. If you treat them well, you can definitely get your wear out of them! Honestly, I can't wear these lashes daily but for a special occasion but for a night out - these are a definite go to!