PR Disclaimer

Anything I say on my blog is 100% my own thoughts and opinions – I have never, or will never, accept payment, in any way, to give an opinion in favour, or against, a product. RP reps from company’s often contact bloggers with offers of a product in exchange for product placement on their blog – this does mean that as a blogger it’s possible to receive products for free but it doesn’t mean I accept every offer I receive. I am selective of offers I accept and I will not accept any offers that I do not think will be of interest to my readers. (Please don’t send me any more e-mails with your newest kitchen cleaner, thank you!)

Any product received as a PR sample will be marked with an asterix(*) when mentioned in a post. Whether I have purchased a product myself, received it as a gift or received it as a PR sample will not affect how I look at the product. When reviewing a product, I do not take into account how I came to own the product and therefore this does not affect any reviews I may write. 

Content Disclaimer

With regards to blog photographs, all rights belong to me. Unless stated, all photos are taken by myself. All posts are written by me, unless stated - e.g. a guest post.

Sponsored Post Disclaimer

Occasionally, I may accept Sponsored Posts and place them on my blog. I only accept these posts if the content fits with the rest of my blog and is something my readers would find interesting to read about. These posts will be marked 'Sponsored Post' at the end of the post. Sometimes a brand will offer to pay me to test out their product and share my honest opinion in a blog post and in this case, this will marked with an * after the product link that's been sponsored. I promise, I only accept sponsorship for products / brands I'm genuinely interested in and will only feature those that fit in with the rest of my content. I can assure you I will always be 100% honest in my opinions and will never accept payment to review something positively.

Skimlinks Disclaimer

This blog uses Skimlinks to create a small revenue. Skimlinks converts ordinary product links into affiliate links meaning if you click on one of said links and purchase the product, I'll receive a small commission. This doesn't apply to every link on my blog, only those that are merchants via Skimlinks. All links featured are links that would have been added regardless.